U.S. Exports to Mexico by Port of Entry

Southbound Commodity Flows by Border Port of Entry

Track the dollar value of goods traveling southbound from the U.S. into Mexico by border port of entry (BPOE). We provide data for each of Arizona's BPOE, the Nogales District Total (sum of Arizona's BPOE) and for BPOE in other states that compete with Arizona for business.

Arizona's Performance

To make comparisons use your cursor as a tooltip and click titles on/off at the bottom of each chart.

The monthly data in the chart below allows us to see COVID-19 impacts on commodity flows. 

The total for Nogales District reported by the U.S. Census Bureau includes Tucson and Phoenix, as they serve to facilitate trade with Mexico by air freight.

How Competitive is Arizona?

This chart compares growth rates at competing major Southern BPOE. Setting all things equal in 2003, the chart displays growth over the timeframe. This method controls for size and so allows the user to assess relative performance over time. The Santa Teresa BPOE in New Mexico has experienced dramatic investment and growth during this timeframe and is switch-off in this chart because it swamps the other information. But, you can use your cursor as a tool tip and switch it on/off by clicking the title at the bottom of the chart.

Arizona Border Ports

  • Douglas
  • Lukeville
  • Naco
  • Nogales
  • Phoenix
  • San Luis
  • Sasabe
  • Tucson
  • All Arizona BPOE (Nogales District) Total

Competitor Border Ports in Other States

  • Calexico, CA
  • Otay Mesa, CA
  • Santa Teresa, NM
  • El Paso, TX
  • Hidalgo, TX
  • Laredo, TX
  • All Southern Border Port Total