Arizona Trade - Overview

What is the importance of Arizona exports?

Economists consider exports to be a key driver of regional economic growth, because they bring new money into a regional economy, and through indirect and induced effects, support a multitude of other businesses. Export industries generally pay higher wages, and thus contribute to higher living standards. Although Arizona’s businesses export products worldwide, Mexico is Arizona’s number one trade partner, and together with Canada comprises the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) region. The dynamics of Arizona’s exports to NAFTA markets provides a composite measure of both Arizona’s integration into the North American production-sharing system, and competitiveness in consumer markets. Manufacturing products account for the largest share of Arizona’s exports to both Mexico and Canada.

What is measured?

Arizona exports include manufacturing products and agricultural goods that originate in Arizona and are shipped to Mexico and Canada. A list of the top 25 exports can be found here . In addition to the total dollar value of all Arizona exports to Mexico and Canada, data are also provided separately for manufacturing products. The majority of Arizona exports to Mexico goes through Arizona’s border ports of entry. A smaller portion is exported through Texas border ports of entry. Phoenix and Tucson also serve as exporting points and are included in Arizona’s total exports to Mexico.

Arizona exports to NAFTA markets include:

Arizona imports from NAFTA markets include:

How competitive is Arizona?

To gauge Arizona’s relative competitiveness in the U.S.-Mexico border region, export dynamics is compared with other U.S. border states in terms of relative measures, such as percentage shares of U.S. and regional totals. Data are provided on a monthly and annual basis with indices of percentage change between observed periods.

Arizona Exports Worldwide


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