Arizona-Mexico Tourism - Overview

Indicators Tracking Tourism in Arizona and Measures Specific to Mexican Visitors

In this section the AZ-MEX team pulls together a set of diverse indicators which track different aspects of tourism in Arizona, specifically in relation to Mexico and Mexican visitors to Arizona. To kick things off, we present our Arizona-Mexico Tourism Cost Index, which we calculate for both the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas. This index was constructed and formulated by  EBRC Director, Dr. George Hammond. AZ-MEX has also assembled a data set tracking non-immigrant visas issued in Mexico for travel in the US as these are "non-immigrant" visa, they are for the purpose of business and pleasure travel. You may also browse and download data on Mexico/US exchange rates, border crossings, and employment in the hotel/motel sector, taxable sales data for the hotel/motel industry, and airport statistics. You can navigate between sections using the left-hand sidebar menu.

What we offer in this section:

Economic and Business Research Center Studies on Tourism

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