Arizona-Mexico Tourism - Border Crossings


Pedestrians are among the most frequent border crossers (along with bus passengers) and are predominantly day visitors as compared with vehicle passengers who tend to stay the night. In border communities adjacent to large cities on the Mexican side of the border such as Nogales, San Luis and Douglas, pedestrians cross frequently to work and shop. In total, approximately 54.3 percent of pedestrians crossing at Arizona BPOE cross for leisure purposes. The tables below display monthly and annual pedestrian crossings at Arizona BPOE.

Vehicle Passengers

Second to air travelers, Mexican visitor parties arriving by car are the most likely to come for leisure purposes at 71.8 percent. Moreover, approximately 19.0 percent of visitors who arrive by vehicle stay overnight, compared to 11.6 percent for pedestrians. The tables below display monthly and annual personal vehicle passenger crossings at Arizona BPOE.

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Photo of backpack and hat at train station courtesy of Shutterstock.