Gateway to Arizona Events in Douglas, Nogales, and Yuma-San Luis!

New Gateway to Arizona Events Series in Douglas, Nogales, and Yuma-San Luis! Sponsored by Arizona-Mexico Commission - October 10th, 2018
September 26, 2018

One day, three communities, three events, one important message - our border communities are the Gateways to Arizona.

October 10th, 2018 - sponsored by Arizona-Mexico Commission.

The cost for both members & non-members is $20. Register today!

Join the Arizona-Mexico Commission for the Gateway to Arizona event series in our border communities! This series will showcase Arizona's most vibrant binational border communities, and feature a panel discussion with state and local leaders, including Kirk Adams, Chief of Staff to Governor Doug Ducey, Jessica Pacheco, AMC Board President, and from The University of Arizona, Economic and Business Research Center Director, George Hammond, Ph.D.

The insightful dialogue and unique presentation will hone in on the importance of the growing international trade and commerce sector for Arizona and the special roles our border communities play. In addition, each program will feature a special presentation highlighting community and business leaders in the area.