Mexico Update: First Quarter 2018

Mexico Map
March 01, 2018

Want to learn more about Mexico's economy? Keep abreast of changes in the U.S.-Mexico trade relationship and the economic environment for our nearest neighbor to the south? Browse research and news the AZMEX team recommends this quarter.

Research on the Mexican economy and U.S.- Mexico trade

The Mexico Economic Update from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is available. Check out the latest high-frequency data for the Mexico economy. 

The Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center has a great new video on NAFTA. There you will find expert opinions considering the world without NAFTA.  

The IMF has a nice blog post on the outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2019

The Peterson Institute for International Economics has an interesting blog post up titled: The United States Wins from Trade Agreements. Find out why in this cool article.

The 4th Quarter 2017 issue of the Mexico Consensus Economic Forecast can now be downloaded for free from UTEP’s Digital Commons website.  This report provides an overview of expected changes in the Mexican economy this year and in 2019. 

The February issue of the Borderplex Business Barometer (Volume 2, Number 2) can now be downloaded for free from UTEP’s Digital Commons website. The report summarizes recent economic trends in El Paso, Las Cruces, and Ciudad Juárez.

Mexico in the News

20 February 2018

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19 February 2018

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16 February 2018

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15 February 2018

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14 February 2018

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