Mexico Update: Fourth Quarter 2017

Mexico Map
December 01, 2017

Want to learn more about Mexico's economy? Keep abreast of changes in the U.S.-Mexico trade relationship and the economic environment for our nearest neighbor to the south? Browse research and news the AZMEX team recommends this quarter.

Research on the Mexican economy and U.S.-Mexico trade

From the North American Research Partnership: Now that the NAFTA renegotiations have begun, a lot of us that look at the U.S.-Mexico border economy are wondering how this will play out for the border region. Interestingly enough, so is U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who made reference to border communities’ “particular equity in the agreement” in his opening statement. Indeed, there is much at stake for border communities, whose economies are based to a significant degree on the idea of a broader North American economy and free trade. Read more.

The 3rd Quarter 2017 issue of the Mexico Consensus Economic Forecast can now be downloaded for free from UTEP’s Digital Commons website.  This report provides an overview of expected changes in the Mexican economy this year and in 2018.

The November issue of the Borderplex Business Barometer (Volume 1, Number 11) can now be downloaded for free from UTEP’s Digital Commons website.  The report summarizes recent economic trends in El Paso, Las Cruces, and Ciudad Juárez.

From the Peterson Institute for International Economics: Withdrawing from NAFTA would hit 187,000 U.S. exporting jobs, mostly in the heartland. Read more.

From Brookings Metro: Export decline hits Midwestern communities, signals ongoing shift toward services exports in large metro areas. Read more.

From the IMF: Mexico outlook in 5 charts. The Mexican economy keeps growing, mainly thanks to its strong economic policies, even as the fate of the country’s trade deal with North America remains unclear. However, Mexico would still benefit from carrying out reforms for stronger and more inclusive growth. The main areas to tackle are inequality, corruption, obstacles holding back firms’ productivity, and tax collection to allow more room for public investment. Read more.

Mexico in the News

30 November 2017

Studies: NAFTA repeal could threaten $5 billion in Arizona exports, 236,000 jobs in state

Mexico’s new central bank chief sees inflation risks

29 November 2017

Novel topic, campaign announcement slow NAFTA talks, expert says

Trump fires opening shot in China trade

28 November 2017

The U.S.-Mexico wage gap is actually widening under NAFTA

Why Trump has U.S. car companies worried about NAFTA

NAFTA talks in Washington could reach deal on some chapters: Mexico minister

Use of Spanish declines among Latinos in major U.S. metros

27 November 2017

Tucson income ranks near bottom of Western peers, despite slight uptick

Mexican developer could bring 5M SF, Mexico customs center to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

NAFTA uncertainty leaves agricultural industry worried about future

Mexico preparing for future without NAFTA

As Trump targets immigrants, U.S. farm sector looks to automate

Ending NAFTA would hurt growth, competitiveness of United States, Canada: report

Mexico economy shrinks for first time in nearly two years

22 November 2017

US Chamber: AZ will be 9th-worst-hit state if US withdraws from NAFTA

Why your flat-screen TV would cost more if Nafta ends

Mexico to raise minimum wage….to $4.70 a day

Oil prices hit 2 ½ -year high on Keystone pipeline shutdown

As NAFTA talks stall, Mexico raises minimum wage to $4.71 per day

21 November 2017

Revenue squeeze pushes start dates for next Grant Road phase five years out

As NAFTA staggers, Arizona keeps pushing forward to maintain its trade relationship with Mexico

Bordering neighbors impact local economy

Mexico and U.S. move toward creation of energy block

NAFTA nations lock horns on U.S. auto demands as fifth round ends