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Peso Value and Percent Change of Real GSP for Sinaloa

Annual data

Annual data

The table on this page displays select economic data for Sinaloa. Data are updated following release by the National Institutes of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). Click on any title to graph that series, and export. Or, click "download" at the base of the table to download the dataset, or customize based on a specified range.


Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia (INEGI) . National Institute of Statistics and Geography, System of National Accounts of Mexico, Gross Domestic Product (millions of pesos) at 2013 constant prices; per Capita GDP (Mexico) is computed from INEGI, Population data: Census of Population and Housing 1995. Census of XI population and Housing 2000. II Census of Population and Housing 2005. Census of Population and Housing 2010.

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