High Tech Manufacturing


What is the significance of high-tech manufacturing employment?

High-tech manufacturing is a pivotal driver of Arizona’s export-based economy. In addition to their increasingly important role in international trade, high-tech industries are characterized by higher productivity, employ a higher proportion of highly skilled and professional workers, and pay higher wages. The dynamics of Arizona’s employment in high-tech manufacturing industries provide a measure of Arizona’s capacity to build and sustain an export-based economy. 

What is measured?

For the purpose of this project, high-tech manufacturing includes: computer and electronic manufacturing; aerospace products and parts; pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing; communication equipment manufacturing; audio & video equipment manufacturing; semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing; navigational, measuring, electro-medical and control instruments manufacturing, and manufacturing of magnetic and optical media manufacturing.

High Tech Employment - AZ - Annual - 2018 Update

How competitive is Arizona?

To gauge Arizona’s relative competitiveness in the U.S. - Mexico region, high-tech manufacturing employment dynamics are compared with other U.S. border states in terms of relative measures such as percentage shares. Data are provided on monthly and annual bases with indices of percentage change between observed periods. 

Export Based Economy - High Tech Employment - Southern Border States - Trend

 Note: Gap in New Mexico trend is the result of unreported 2013 data.

High Tech Employment - AZ % of So. Border States - Annual


High Tech Employment - Index 2007 (2007 = 100)

  Note: Gap in New Mexico index is the result of unreported 2013 data.

Annual data

The table on this page summarizes high-tech employment in southern Border States on an annual basis. Data are updated following release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Click on any title to graph that series, and export. Or, click "download" at the base of the table to download the dataset, or customize based on a specified range.


U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics , Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. The QCEW surveys employers/ establishments and counts filled positions quarterly, and therefore may result in multiple job holders being counted more than once. Data presented are the annual number of High Tech employees (not seasonally adjusted), in thousands, employed in each state.

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