Educational Attainment


What is the significance of educational attainment?

It has been widely accepted that educational attainment is of key importance, at the individual’s level, for finding better paying jobs and improvement of standard of living. It has also been proven that a strong relationship exists between educational attainment and a region’s economic performance. Regions with better-educated workers show bigger increases in GDP per capita and real wages. These regions also compete more successfully in the knowledge economy for high-tech industries and talented workforce.

What is measured?

Educational attainment represents the level of education completed.  Common levels of completed education are high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, a master degree, a doctoral degree, as well as equivalent certificates and associated degrees. The following educational attainment categories are presented:

How competitive is Arizona?

To gauge Arizona’s relative competitiveness the educational attainment is compared with other U.S. border states. Data are provided on an annual bases with indices of percentage change between observed periods.

Annual Data

Annual data

The tables on this page display educational attainment measures for U.S. Border States on an annual basis. Data are updated following release by the U.S. Census Bureau. Click on any title to graph that series, and export. Or, click "download" at the base of the table to download the dataset, or customize based on a specified range.

Percent of population with:

High School Diploma or Equivalent | Some College | Associate's Degree or Higher | Bachelor's Degree or Higher | Graduate Degree or Higher









U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 1 Year Estimates. 

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